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Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh (b. 1986, Tehran, Iran) holds a BFA in Sculpture. Along with a desire for technical perfections in art creation, he has always been interested in the paradoxical nature of the relationships between objects and their usages. Using the same perspective, he has introduced other elements into his work to create a contemporary context for showing both the differences and similarities between historical and contemporary events. Most of Gholamzadeh's sculptures are figurative works possessing different objects and clothing. These elements often contain allusions to history, traits, lifestyles and ideas. Gholamzadeh's work has been featured in two solo exhibitions at Dastan's Basement, and presented in Dastan's Basement in Art Dubai 2016.

2012 BA. Sculpture, Tehran Univeristy of Art, Tehran

Solo Exhibitions:

2013 Solo show, Dastan’s Basement, Tehran

2015 Solo show, “Self-Destruction”, Dastan’s Basement, Tehran

2017 Solo show, “The Champion”, Electric room, Dastan outside, Tehran


Group Exhibition:

2009 Group show, Afrand Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 Participated in the 2nd Biennial of Tehran’s Urban Sculptures, Barg Art Gallery, Tehran

2010 Group show, Ghanun Cultural Center, Tehran

2012 Participated in the 3rd Biennial of Tehran’s Urban Sculptures, Barg Art Gallery, Tehran

2015 Group show, Abi Art Gallery, Tehran

2015 Group show, “Subsistence-power”, Abi Art Gallery, Tehran

2016 Group show, “Update”, Dastan+, Tehran

2017 Group show, “From Where to Where”, Saless Gallery, Tehran

2021 Group show, “Artists’ Emergency Aid: Part 3”, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran

2023 Group show, “Realism”, Dastan Outside Projects, London

2023 Group show, “Contemporary Exhibition”, Hasht Cheshmeh Art Space, Kashan

2023 Group show, “A Selection of 70 Years of Iranian Sculpture”, Art Center, Tehran

2023 Group show, “Soft Edge of the Blade Vol. 2”, Zaal Art Gallery, Toronto

2024 Group show, “Point of View”, E1 Gallery, Tehran


Art fairs:

2015 Art fair, Art Dubai, Dastan’s Basement Booth, Dubai

2017 Art fair, Art Dubai, Represented by Dastan’s Basement Gallery, UAE

2017 Art fair, Sydney Contemporary, Represented by Dastan’s Basement, Sydney

2021 Art fair, Asia Now, Represented by Plus 2, Paris